Changing Bags

When motherhood arrives, we begin to appreciate the importance of having a good bag for the baby's pram. Going out on the streets means having to carry nappies, wipes, changing pads and many other things for which we not only need a large space, but also an organised space where each thing has its place and does not cause us any inconvenience when it comes to finding it. Pram bags are the perfect companions for all parents, as they allow you to carry practically everything you need in a simple and convenient way, with the weight being borne directly by the pram, thus enjoying greater comfort and organisation when you're out and about.

What to carry in the layette bag?
Walking Mum's essentials for your layette bag are:
  1. Baby wipes.
  2. Spare nappies and nappy cream.
  3. Changing pad.
  4. Terry towelette for cleaning up their dribble and Bibs.
  5. Spare dummies for when they drop them on the ground.
  6. Sheet, swaddling blanket or blanket.
  7. Muslin for when they fall asleep.
  8. Protective sun cream.
  9. Changing bags or toilet bag with their name on it to keep their clothes if they get dirty and you have to change the baby.
  10. A baby bottle of water to keep the baby hydrated at all times.
  11. Some of their favourite toys or dolls to stimulate and entertain them.